We have converted Silverstripe Theme One!

Take the first Silverstripe theme for a test spin. But hurry, the $199 pre-order discount ends soon. Themes will not be sold separately. If you utilize one club theme on a clients website, you will have recouped your initial $199 and made a profit!

Silverstripe Theme Example

Why ThemeStripe?

Now you can offer Silverstripe to clients with small budgets. You no longer have to suggest cheaper CMS alternatives like Wordpress. You will recoup your $199 investment and make profit, even if you only utilize one club theme for a small budget project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Club Membership?

Themestripe club themes will not be sold separately. Membership benefits include

  • 10 Silverstripe Twitter Bootstrap Themes.
  • All themes and plugins we plan to create in 2015.
  • Friendly theme support.
  • Hire us to customize themes if you're busy or overworked.

How does theme licensing work?

Theme club members receive a multi-site license. Club members are allowed to use each theme for both personal and commercial use. Each theme can be installed multiple times. You may not incorporate a theme in a work which is for mass redistribution or resale.

How are the Silverstripe themes structured?

We purchased the first 10 twitter bootstrap themes. This was to ensure club members had a variety of themes from day one to work with. In the future we will create the themes internally and will be using Zurb foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, Bower, Composer and Sass.

Who are we?

We run a small agency called SilverBusters. We have been helping design agencies convert PSD layouts to Silvertripe for years. Now we are on a mission to build a strong theme repository for Silverstripe fanatics like ourselves who would like to see every website powered by Silverstripe.

When will the club officially launch?

We have completed our first theme and we are now converting our second theme. The good news is that you do not have to wait until the club opens before you get access to the themes. Each time we finish converting a theme, you recieve instant access to it. We hope to officially launch the club by the end of Janruary 2015.

When will the club officially launch?

The club will officially launch at the end of February, 2015.

Pre-Order one year Club Membership Today for $199